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Creative Recreations Championship!!!

Our Course is very special to us, and there are a few simple rules.

Disc at your own risc.

Play have fun but be responsible for yourself, and respectful to our course, there are buckets at the start of every hole to discard empty bottles and trash, cigarette butts are asked to be put out completely before you discard them.  
If you find yourself in front of a faster group ask them to play through, please dont break of trees or alter the outlook of the course in anyway while playing your rounds
But most importantly have fun and come back often.

No dogs allowed on the course

Unfortunatly for our dog lovers out there, dogs and disc golf are not a good mix, for our more advanced players dogs can be a quite a hassle at times, of course we want all our players and customers to feel good while playing and safe from stolen discs, and moved discs, we hope you understand why.
Seeing eye dogs of course are welcome always thank you.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Creative Recreations * Oxford Street * South Paris * Maine