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Creative Recreations

In 'The Shop'

In 'The Shop'
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Inovva disc's, mini's, and baskets are in stock, Discraft products hopefully in the spring months, also T-shirts, sweats, and hats. Dont forget about the refreshments changing weekly.

Tie-dyed shirts and Sweatshirts
Come check out our t's and sweats complete with our Creative Recreations logo's, or our hats and golf towels also with our logo.  Our fridge is stocked with cold sodas and energy drinks.


Innova Disc's
Our selection of Innova disc includes Pro, Champion, Tie-dyed, and Star plastics, with mini's and mini baskets. Discraft and Lightning in the spring.  Don't forget a disc golf towel or maybe a quick reading disc golf magazine.
Prices Vary

Creative Recreations * Oxford Street * South Paris * Maine